Your Innovation

Do you want to innovate in one or more areas of your life?

tools & modalities

Life Coach & Executive Coaching

Neuro-linguistic Programming


Yoga & Meditation Coaching

Usui Ryoho Reiki & Energy Healing

Kaizen Project Management

Transpersonal Numerology

Handwriting Analysis

your investment

ZAR1500 per 2 Hour session

do you want to evolve your life?

12 Week EVOLUTION SOLUTION is my all-in-one package: Life Coaching, Meditation, Yoga & Masterclasses.

You will emerge from this intensive 12 week experience with a strong, flexible body & a calm, focused mind awakened to a life of fulfilment.

You will commit to 12 weeks of practice where you will be guided & supported all the way. No prior experience is needed for any of the practices. 

I designed this package for people who need to make a change in their lives or want to intentionally evolve themselves but may need guidance or an accountability partner. I aim to take away the sense of being overwhelmed that many experience when taking on new habits. I will hold your hand through your immersion.

If you are fully committed your results are guaranteed as the efficacy of these practices is well researched & documented. 

Book a free call with me to discuss whether the 12 Week EVOLUTION SOLUTION is your next evolutionary step.

Should you want to experience only ONE element of this package, book a free call to discuss, for example, life coaching only or hypnotherapy only.

Should you want to try out the yoga or meditation, please join me for a free trial.

your investment

12 Weeks commitment to your meditation & yoga practice

Applying what you learn in the 12 coaching sessions

Attending the 6 Masterclasses

ZAR14 000 or 6 monthly payments of ZAR2600