My Reflections

What is for-giveness?
I believe that for-giveness is not something you do after something has happened. But rather forgiveness is something you do before life happens. Once you recognise that life has ups and downs that are part of your development, you can face the future with an acceptance of anything that may happen.
Ultimate forgiveness is recognising that there is nothing to forgive.
It is just life happening. There will be challenges & tribulations along with the joy & jubilation!
“The next step in human evolution requires us to master our greatest technology. OUR MIND.”
I am an evolution coach.
Will you take ownership of your evolution?
What level of performance will be your peak?
It begins with being still.


Raise your hand if you wake up feeling depressed and anxious.
We are in a pandemic.
We are in a depression.
BUT… This shows us our most important challenge RIGHT NOW… We have to learn to MASTER OUR EMOTIONAL STATE.
To overcome our current circumstances, we need to lift our emotions so that we have the energy to keep going.
Depressed and anxious thoughts and feelings keep us weak and make us want to give up.
This is a time to persevere and we need every emotional resource we have.
Start now. Think of something you love doing. Think of a treasured memory. Get excited about experiencing that again.
The dawn will come.
đź’ˇChange happens one choice at a time.
Change can be overwhelming when we think into the future about the choices we have to make each day to fulfill our commitment to change.
One practice that was daunting to commit to was waking up early to meditate EVERY day.
I was worried that I wouldn’t feel like getting up some days. I saw this long future ahead of me where I never get to sleep in. But now, I see that it is just one choice I have to make. Each morning as my alarm goes off, I decide whether I press snooze or sit up. That is all, just one small decision.
Every decision prior doesn’t matter, and every choice after doesn’t matter either.
It is a great practice to stay in the NOW. Choose the healthiest option for right now and you ARE healthy as a result. Every action you take that serves your health, wealth & fulfilment adds up. Before you know it, you are living the life of your dreams.
If you are ready to make the best choices for yourself, get in touch, I can show you how!


We feel that there is more to life.
We WANT more!
We want EVERYTHING life has to offer!
How? By evolving?
What does evolving even mean? How will evolving add more to your life?
My opinion here isn’t important. Yours is… what does evolving mean to you? What is EVERYTHING to you?
I know what evolving means to me…
I would love to hear your opinion…
The pillar of my practice.
The bridge to my spiritual awakening.
The lighthouse for my soul.
Derived from the Latin phrase “to ponder”. Meditation has been the tool that has served me more than any other. To sit quietly everyday and ponder.
Ponder your health.
Ponder your challenges.
Ponder your desires.
Ponder on the nature of your ponderings!
It is as simple as giving yourself time to think about something. For me, it has slowed down my perception of time between a stimulus and my response to it. In that gap, I have time to think and choose a response.
includes learning how to meditate, bi-weekly live online meditations & weekly accountability check-ins.
12 Weeks to solidify your meditation practice with me guiding you.


I practise…
physical activity
mind derived health optimisation
time management
emotional state mastery
accountability to myself
It starts on 7 September
Are you ready?

🛑🛑PSA Take a break NOW! You’re working too much! 🛑🛑

I climbed in bed, eagerly awaiting sleep. A moment of consideration and my gratitude practise for the day… When the fact hit me, as soon as I awoke from this awaited slumber, I would be back at it… Working all day… Until the next night.

How was I back on this hamster wheel again? I began my adventures into entrepreneurship and running my own practice a few years ago with the intention to have my own hours doing only what I love. (If you’re an entrepreneur, I know you’re smirking right now).

I had developed a balanced daily ritual, but it had gotten out of hand again, with the majority of the time spent working.

And then I clicked. I’ve always worked hard. Having been a single mom for 7 years I was used to being independent and having every hour filled with something productive.

Working long hours was my set point. I used “was” intentionally because I am changing that.
And this is why…

I have learnt that we are cyclical. We need rest and recreational stimulation to fuel our creative and service tanks. We need time to integrate what we learn. We need time to process our experiences.

The result of balancing work, rest and play is a revitalised, creative and calmer version of yourself. A “you” that makes much better decisions, copes easily with stress and a greater sense of wellbeing. With higher levels of productivity in all areas of life. But most importantly, more fulfillment because you get the opportunity appreciate life.

So take a rest and have some fun… Tell them your life coach made you!

Can you send a message to yourself in the past?
Can you receive a message from yourself in the future?
We are so familiar with the connection with our past, but now quantum research is showing that we are similarly able to perceive the future.
What could that mean practically? We can use a visualisation of the future to send intention back to present ourselves?
I am trying it!
GRATITUDE for the small things, makes the small things BIG!
I have a gratitude practice every night before bed. I list what I am grateful for. I often list big things that have happened in the day… but it is easy to be grateful for the “big wins”.
So now I say thank you for the “small things” that we actually take for granted. I giggled as I expressed how grateful I was for having eyelashes. I used my tongue to say thank you that I have a tongue.
It really opens up the sluice of appreciation when you realise how amazing some of the basic things in our life are. How would I taste delicious food without my tongue, right?
My gosh, I am sooo grateful for my tongue… I love eating and speaking!
“SUCCESS without FULFILLMENT is the ultimate FAILURE”
Tony Robbins
Have you ever had an empty success?
You have hit the target, the money is in the bank, but it is NOT ENOUGH?
You have the “right” job, the “right” home, the “awesome” car, the “perfect” family… yet you are still feeling dissatisfied with life?
Perhaps asking the question… when can I get off this pointless ride?
Trying to feel grateful, but it feels forced?
We don’t need to chase glamorous fantasies to keep us happy everyday. Just keep all the good chemicals pumping in small ways and happiness is all yours!
About to get me some endorphins and seretonin by having a walk… Once I’m done, I’ll get another lil kick of dopamine for achieving my goal of keeping fit.
Happy Chemicals rock! Thank you awesome body!
I talk to lots of people. Many try maintain their optimism, but most have felt the paralysing state of uncertainty about money as a result of the pandemic. Most are IN the state of uncertainty now.
It requires an internal cheerleader shouting for the losing team almost everyday… it will get better… we just have to keep swimming.
This is the weight of fear on the collective human brain wave state… Do you know that our brain waves actually synchronise with those around us? Now imagine our collective emotional/brain wave state currently if we are all reacting to the context we find ourselves in.
We’re in the dumps. I could get socialist or 5D here, and talk about how it has highlighted how damaging our individualistic culture is, because there are many not struggling to survive. Many even thriving, who do so while watching their brethren suffer. While we all play our own violins of self-pity.
A laughable consoling thought… we’re not in it alone, misery likes company. Ha! *nose snort*
But if that is all we have, WE may as well hold onto it as tight as we can and show our extent of gratitude… because it’s a fact:
We’re not in this alone.
YOU are not in this alone.
I am here for you. And there are many more here for you. How do I know? Because these thoughts are my own. And sometimes the only way out is through.
“Our wealth is our people” is not always easy to see. But once you do, you see that you are richer than you believed, and the sunrise of GRATITUDE warms your face.
The dark night has passed.
THANK YOU to my someone next to me. I am so grateful.
You are part of the world, so EVERY TIME you CHANGE YOURSELF, you ARE changing the WORLD!
It’s like the concept of traffic… You are not sitting IN TRAFFIC, you ARE part of what makes the TRAFFIC. You ARE the traffic.
We are all part of the larger system… we need to WAKE UP to that REALISATION.
If YOU are kind… the world is 1 person kinder.
If YOU are patient… The world is 1 person more patient.
If YOU work on achieving your dreams… The world has 1 more person achieving their dreams.
Still believe that you can’t CHANGE THE WORLD?
We are not bystanders… each one of us is part of the world and by improving ourselves, we improve the world.
We want to LOOK GOOD
We want to FEEL GOOD
We want MONEY
We want FUN
We want SEX
THAT… is what Transformational Lifestyle Coaching is for…
Say YES to having an AWESOME LIFE!
Sure, I am smiling in this pic… but like many people I was faking it. Going from one activity to the next, one meal to the next, one day to the next… Just carrying on… trying to consume away my emptiness by eating, shopping, keeping busy with bullshit, justifying my attitude of negativity & lack of gratitude.
It started with one daily action… meditation. How else will you know what you want if you never LISTEN to yourself?
My view from my treadmill… On the patio…
Music + treadmill + nature + yoga + kitty cats + hammock meditation = BLISSED OUT!!!
In a complex, in Johannesburg… You can be happy anywhere!!!
Winning at the Transformational Lifestyle Challenge!!!
Water flows. Water holds no shape of its own. Water is soft. BUT>>>
Have you seen the Grand Canyon?
We all dream of a lifestyle where we have all our needs met. BUT do we take DAILY CONSISTENT action to meet our own needs?
We often lose motivation when we don’t see immediate results from taking new action. Resolutions to train more, invest more, connect more can easily be pushed aside when we don’t see what we expect instantly.
That is why I help people transform their LIFESTYLE… It is about what you want everyday… not just a picture of a fantasy LIFE.
You see, to be a reader, you need to read EVERYDAY… to be connected to your loved ones, you need to interact with them EVERYDAY… to have a healthy body, you need to eat well and use your body EVERYDAY.
So make a list of what you would love to be part of your “EVERYDAY”.
Here’s mine… fun, loved ones, yoga, walking, nature, music, meditation, good food, connection, self-mastery, service, rest…
Is your Monday MAGIC or MANIC?
What does it feel like to wake up on a Monday morning when you love what you do?
For me, it starts on Sunday evening when I have a quick glance at my calendar. I get so excited about all the people I will connect with. I have to stop myself from sending or answering any messages, because not everyone wants to be reminded of Monday on a lazy Sunday evening.
I do the usual wake up ritual… and then it begins. My job entails connecting deeply with clients about who they are and what they want to do with this magical life experience. It is so natural for me, so joyful and ultimately fulfilling. I wish that everyone could do what they love… I know the world would be a happier place!
All I have to say is THANK YOU!!!
In 2020 I learnt the true purpose of depression… it is your system telling you that you need DEEP REST. Just like the cycles of nature, we have cycles of creation and rest… summer and winter is so easy to accept, yet we don’t accept that we are organisms that also have cycles of productivity & rest.
Our culture has trained to always be ONLINE. The way we inhale coffee and stimulants is evidence of how exhausted we actually are, that we need a stimulant just to be able to wake up and work.
I say listen to your body… if it feels like you need a coffee, what you actually need is a nap. If you struggle to wake up early… sleep in on the weekend. You have my permission to sleep the whole weekend, if that is what you need. Haha!
And take advantage of winter… hibernate… stay in bed watching meaningless cute cat videos, so your mind and body can get the deep rest it needs.
I PROMISE you, that after the rest, your body and mind will be rejuvenated and full of new ideas and energy to achieve your goals. Give it a try!

Anxious much?

I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from the anxiety that used to bother me. I remember physically shaking when it felt like I had so much to do in so little time. Complete sensory & task overwhelm!

The journey I have experienced through becoming a life coach has not only prepared me to help others, but has helped me heal many of my own issues. I am so grateful to say that I now have the tools to solve any challenge I face in my life without that sense of doom hanging over me.

I am excited about the unpredictable… I even seek it… who wants to live the same day over and over for 80 years? Not me!

I am blessed to be able to say that. I am grateful for always being directed by my passion.
And now my passion is helping people find & follow their passion.
I promise that your dreams will come true!


We are often faced with uncomfortable feelings or uncomfortable situations. Most likely, we immediately want the uncomfortable experience to be replaced by something pleasant… and where do we reach?

Yes, this discomfort can be a great motivator for change. It is in the “treatment” of the discomfort. Do we try to make it go away with instant fixes? Instant fixes that don’t last. Or do we embrace the feeling of discomfort as feedback that we need to change something, internally or externally. A behaviour or a belief that is no longer working for us… That is keeping us in a perpetual uncomfortable state. And the small fixes giving us a temporary sense of relief so that the impetus for change is actually REDUCED.

This is where I call for PATIENCE. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable. But waiting patiently for the “feeling” to subside while you take productive steps solving the “real” problem, will bring you closer to the solution & change.

How do YOU get into a creative, resourceful state?

I love being in a creative state. Sometimes I will be so inspired to do something that I am not able to focus on anything else. The last few days I have been creating my podcast *Mentoring Myself*, and have been showing little patience for any distractions.

When last were you in a creative, resourceful state?

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or artist to be creative. There are so many ways to express your creativity, your perspective of something. But the most important work is your MINDSET & EMOTIONAL STATE…
If you do not feel that you add value, if you do not have faith in your “work”, it is so much more difficult to look for creative solutions.

“The only difference between FEAR and EXCITEMENT is what we label it. The two are pretty much the same physiological/emotional reaction. With fear, we put a negative spin on it: “Oh no!” With excitement, we give it some positive english: “Oh, boy!” ~Peter McWilliams

Interestingly, studies have shown that if you learn to anticipate fearful situations then you actually activate the nucleus accumbens, which is the reward center of the limbic system (Klucken 2009). Thus knowing you’re about to be scared is actually somewhat enjoyable. But if the fear is unpredictable then it doesn’t activate the nucleus accumbens. So fear activates the hypothalamus in the same way as excitement, and when it’s predictable it activates the brain’s reward center as well. And that really gets at the heart of the matter. We don’t like fear per se, we like PREDICTABLE FEAR. It gets the limbic system fired up, making us feel more alive, but we don’t have to worry about actually dying.


How many times have you said that you hate money?
How many times have you heard the saying “money is the root of all evil”?
So many of us struggle to reconcile our spiritual beliefs with our desire for financial abundance. We see people struggling & feel guilty for our luxuries. We see people who have lots of money & we feel injustice or envy.
I was able to break my own limiting beliefs about money and the role of money in fulfilling my purpose. If you think about it, you will realise that the only thing we do with money is give it to other people. EVERY time we spend money, we are GIVING it to another person. Every time we pay for something we are SHARING OUR ABUNDANCE with someone else.
MONEY is a system for SHARING our goods and services. A simplified, quantified way to share our resources with others.
In my quest for understanding my own relationship with money, I learnt of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. She is most well known as the goddess of PROSPERITY, yet she symbolises many aspects. The aspect I focus on here is “artha”, the pursuit of wealth and MEANS of life. I highlight the word MEANS, as once we see that our wealth & prosperity is our MEANS to living a SPIRITUALLY actualised life, we can free ourselves from the false perception that desiring money is “unspiritual” or greed-based.
FINANCIAL PROSPERITY is the MEANS to us supporting ourselves, our family and our community. Every cent we spend is for the upliftment of those we spend the money on and for.
A few simple examples: Every day I pass a beggar on the way to my kids’ school. I want to show him kindness, compassion and charity. So I decide to make an extra 2 sandwiches to bring for him. Sandwiches cost money, right?
I start my own company. I need an accountant, a marketing specialist, a graphic designer, an admin clerk, etc. I need to deliver my goods via a courier. I need to purchase packaging. I need to have a website. They will all be earning money from my company, right?
If you are struggling to make money, hold onto money or use it “unwisely”, NOW is the time to look at the limiting beliefs you may have about money. NOW is the time to change them.
For those interested, here is some more info on Lakshmi:
Lakshmi is depicted in Indian art as an elegantly dressed, prosperity-showering golden-coloured woman with an owl as her vehicle, signifying the importance of economic activity in maintenance of life, her ability to move, work and prevail in confusing darkness.
Her four arms are symbolic of the four goals of humanity that are considered good in Hinduism: dharma (pursuit of ethical, moral life), artha (pursuit of wealth, means of life), kama (pursuit of love, emotional fulfillment), and moksha (pursuit of self-knowledge, liberation).
“Busy productive people are highly efficient with their time- they must be in order to survive. Being an excellent time manager doesn’t mean that you must become a workaholic. On the contrary, time mastery allows you more time to do the things you love to do, the things that are truly meaningful to you. Time mastery leads to life mastery. Guard time well. Remember it’s a non-renewable resource.”
Robin S. Sharma (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari)
For me it is about balance. I can have everything. But it doesn’t make sense to have it all at once, right? I can’t be doing yoga and dancing at the same time, obviously. I want to travel to many countries, but I can’t be at every one at the same time. I want to work, I want to play with my kids, I want to relax, I want to achieve things, I want to dance to great music, I want to walk in nature…
And the answer is simpler than you would think… make a schedule… make a timetable… set yourself alarms…
Practical & balanced use of time = TIME MASTERY
My own piece of advice to my younger self… One word…
You can only begin to listen to yourself if you learn to shut out all the outside distractions. I ask myself… so what’s on your mind Nats? What do you need, Nats? And then I keep still… and wait, the answers unravel themselves in the thoughts and daydreams. I ask for silence again… this time to practice bringing internal stillness, internal quietness. It is like tightening a muscle. And then releasing again to allow the insights to flow… and tighten- stillness- one word, a mantra- a focal point… deeper and deeper into an open relaxed state… my cup is filled.
“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”
— Hippocrates
We all have some habits that are not good for us. It can be really tough to give them up. It’s easier to add new good habits than it is to give up a bad habit.
If we want to give up a bad habit, we need to start by looking at what purpose it used to fulfil or still fulfills and find a healthier way to fulfil that need. That takes honesty and sometimes courage to admit we have certain needs. If we can, we find a new habit to satisfy that need.
A great new habit that helps you making decisions… Ask yourself “Does this support the life I am trying to create?”
One of the choices I have had to make as a life coach is who I want to help and who I am most equipped to help… and the answer is pretty simple… women like me.
I wish I could send a message back in time to my younger self, giving myself all the wisdom I have now. Unless time travel has been invented, I am opting for the next best thing… Sharing wisdom with others like me, so that they can have as much clarity about their future decisions as I have now.
Clarity requires us to be authentic with ourselves so that we can decide what we really want from our lives. From there we need to figure out the action steps… and most importantly, take action!
Now it’s your chance to ask yourself a basic, yet transformational question… What is one piece of advice I would give my younger self?