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AZ global ed trends

a-z global education trends

A free online video course designed to familiarise educators & parents with 50 of the latest trends in education around the world. This can be used in any country and applied to any syllabus.

Each trend is explained in a video and there are more videos with examples and demonstrations. 

futurized education- find your future

Join the Futurized Eduction directory that aims to bring future-focused educational services to the public. The list of providers is currently being created for the portal that will give parents and learners access to the latest trends in education. The portal will refer parents to your service or product depending on their child’s educational requirements. Add your details by clicking the button below and a link will be sent to you to officially register on the directory once it is up and running.

wef- Closing the global skills gap

The World Economic Forum is committed to helping design education and training systems that enable people to keep pace with rapidly-changing labour markets.

We aim to provide ways for the public and private sectors to collaborate on preparing workers of every age for technological disruption, and to help revamp education and training models in ways that better prepare individuals to be active members of the economy and society.

Cognizant- the future of work

Cognizant helps companies modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

Cognizant is leading the way in terms of the research and reporting on the future of work. They have reports on the work ahead to prepare for the jobs of the future in all industries.

KQED mindshift- how we will learn

MindShift explores the future of learning and how we raise our kids. We report on how teaching is evolving to better meet the needs of students and how caregivers can better guide their children. This means examining the role of technology, discoveries about the brain, racial and gender bias in education, social and emotional learning, inequities, mental health and many other issues that affect students. We report on shifts in how educators teach as they apply innovative ideas to help students learn.

teachthought- we grow teachers

TeachThought is full of resources for teachers to learn how to teach for the future. Make teaching enjoyable again–through innovative learning models, instructional strategies, literacy resources, and thought leadership to inspire and grow your teaching.

Astra Nova & Synthesis- designed at spacex

Astra Nova means “new star”. This online school and enrichment program is the brainchild of Elon Musk and Joshua Dahn. Originally designed at SpaceX as Ad Astra, this school is completely futurized in that they use “conundrums” and “synthesis” as their main models of learning. This school is created to develop skills for the future.