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My first memory of introspection was at age 3. I was frustrated that I didn’t know the correct unit for measuring temperature yet. I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to know everything.

Let’s get the formalities out of the way first. I love studying, so I have lots of lovely credentials at the bottom of this page. Just so you know that I know what I am doing when we go planning your future. The important bits are a B.A. Honours in Psychology, Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Life & Executive Coaching Hypnotherapy and Usui Ryoho Reiki & Energy Healing.

While studying my Honours I began working with children on the autism spectrum. This began a lifelong love affair with helping people experience AH-HA moments. You know that moment when someone gets it and the light goes on inside? Naturally that led me into education. 18 years of watching kids have AH-HA moments every day that I stood up there teaching. 18 years of watching children develop… and all kinds of youngsters from special needs to incredibly gifted learners.

What amazing insight I gained on how humans develop and change over time. The culmination of my teaching  guided me to co-found a high school for gifted learners and creating online training for other teachers, as well as the big project of squeezing two English language curricula onto an online education platform. To prepare for training teachers, I researched the latest educational trends around the globe and developed my website called A-Z Global Education Trends. There are 50 global education trends highlighted and the list is growing.

Time for the juicy personal bits! My spiritual awakening occurred during a meditation in my garden in 2014. Having followed the guidance of a dream, I had been meditating for 7 months and experienced a feeling I had never before. An awakening to the nature of life and it’s unrelenting pursuit to thrive. In that moment I felt completely supported and my first taste of faith was awakened. My life changed so dramatically over that period… I landed my dream job, lost 11 kilograms, left an 18 year relationship and moved to my own home. This was the start of an unpredictable journey into myself and the world.

Teaching yoga began in 2016 and in 2017 I started my studies into energy medicine. I was brave enough to leave teaching to travel South Africa with my children for a year. I learnt so much from the studies & the travelling.  My children learnt so much from the travelling and interesting ways of learning that I tried to expose them to. They have been lucky enough to experience world-schooling, unschooling, homeschooling, online schooling, private school, public school, gamified learning, project-based learning, play-based learning and self-directed learning, to name a few.

The main takeaway from these diverse experiences was seeing how we are a each an energetic system, every relationship & social group is an energy system , and how we are all part of the macro-energetic system. I loved systems theory back in varsity days, but this new view gave me an enhanced observer perspective. Now I always look at the bigger picture and how the little bits work together within each system when trying to understand or alter anything. As Tesla said, it is all energy, vibration & frequency. Ironically this very “sciencey” viewpoint actually had a significant impact on my personal beliefs and increased my sense of faith in this awesome system we find ourselves existing in.

Time to change some systems! On to my studies into neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy & coaching… what I jokingly call positive affirmations on steroids. Have you ever tried something new and surprised yourself at how effortless it is for you? I imagine that the years of life experience, experience with people over the “teaching years” and life-long studying really gave me a visceral understanding of human nature. Life coaching doesn’t feel like breathing to me… it feels like dancing on the table… getting to the summit of a mountain… winning a marathon… pure joy, exhilaration and fulfillment rolled into one. I absolutely love it!

I confess that I have an addiction to learning. The latest field of research that floats my boat is called Mind-Derived Health Optimisation. Pioneered by Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Sue Morter and others, this field combines scientific research in the areas of neuro-science, epigenetics, psycho-neuro-immunology, quantum physics, quantum psychology, biochemistry and meditation studies. I believe that it is the future of medicine, as it teaches us how we can heal ourselves through gaining conscious control of the autonomic nervous system, which controls most of our unconscious processes like healing, cell growth & gene regulation.

My vision statement now… I want to empower people to love themselves, heal themselves, do what they love & live happy, fulfilled & peaceful lives. To put it rather simplistically, I think most of the world’s problems will disappear if everyone is on a mission to be their happiest selves. What we’re meant to be doing will naturally make us happy, so we will have a macro-system of empowered, grateful & fulfilled individual parts.


BA Honours Psychology 

BA Humanities

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education

Kaizen Project Management Certification

Effective Speaker Certification

Handwriting Analysis & Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Play Direction

Digital Age Teaching

The Art of Holding Space: Group Facilitation


Life Coach Certification

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Executive & Business Coach Certification


Iyengar Yoga

Usui Ryoho Reiki & Energy Healing

Transpersonal Numerology

First Aid Certification

Sustainable Living Made Easy

why the dragonfly?

In most cultures, the dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The change that is related to mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meaning of life.