Futurized education

Those who only look to the past and the present are certain to miss the future.
John F. Kennedy

what is a futurized educational consultant?

Type the words “future of work” or “workforce of the future” into Google and see how you feel. Scared? Unprepared? Overwhelmed? I was!

Technology is advancing so quickly and with it the culture of work is evolving. And let’s not begin to discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs of the future. Many jobs won’t even exist in a few years, and even more jobs that have never existed will be in demand. We are preparing our children for a future that we can’t even imagine. There are website links on the Futurized Resources page that I have found useful.

As a teacher and parent, I became obsessed with keeping up to date with the latest trends in education. I curated my website called A-Z Global Education Trends because I was overwhelmed by the constant changes happening in education, and I couldn’t find one place that had it all. So I researched and watched videos for months, culminating in a list of 50 of the education trends that are being practised around the world. You can find the website link on the Futurized Resources page.

As a “futurized educational consultant”, my mission is to help empower educators and educational services to provide the education that our children ACTUALLY need. I also help parents decide what educational journey is best for their child. One size does not fit all! I offer services to schools, parents, teachers and learners that are all focused on education FOR the future.

services for teachers & schools: training & optimisation

I help teachers update their teaching style and methods, so schools hire me to train and coach teachers to futurize their teaching. I also assist as a curriculum advisor when schools want to inject new teaching ideas into the old curriculum.

I apply a future-focused eye to the processes & infrastructure of schools, to optimise their functioning in preparation for the future educational requirements. I help schools update their learner culture, technology, project management, resource usage and staff culture.


services for educational providers: directory & optimisation

futurizEDucation (3)

Join the Futurized Eduction directory that aims to bring future-focused educational services to the public. The list of providers is currently being created for the portal that will give parents and learners access to the latest trends in education. The portal will refer parents to your service or product depending on their child’s educational requirements. Add your details by clicking the button below and a link will be sent to you to officially register on the directory once it is up and running.

I help educational service providers that are aiming to be future- focused, to optimise their processes through analysing their product or service based on “futurized” criteria.

services for parents: coaching & educational choices

I help parents choose an educational journey for their child or children, based on their specific learning needs, personality, idiosyncrasies, learning issues, budget, etc. This can be a once off consultation, however it is advised to revisit as your child moves through developmental phases.

I help parents navigate parenthood given the generational gap that has resulted from the technology available to children now, as opposed to the culture that most adults grew up in. It can be difficult to understand and relate to our children who have a different psychological structure to us because of their technology usage.

services for learners: coaching & career choices

Given my background in coaching and knowledge of the educational trends, I help learners in all soft skill areas of learning like time management, study skills, concentration, learning styles, etc.

I help learners make career choices based on the new jobs that are being created as a result of the technological and cultural changes happening in society, as well as the expectations of the organisations of the future.